Thank you for wondering what our needs are!

We currently have three major areas of need - 

Prayer - We need people that will pray regularly for us. We believe that there is an enemy that would seek to destroy the work that God has called us to. If you would like to support us through prayer you can download a prayer card for the Goode's by clicking HERE and HERE. We encourage you to print this card off and keep it in your Bible or some other place where you will be reminded to pray us. You can also sign up on the side bar of this page to receive regular e-mail updates about the church plant. 

People - We are looking for people to move to Lawrenceburg or one of its surrounding communities and join us in the work God is doing here.


We are looking for faithful followers of Jesus to join us in this faith stretching, life giving call to our community. If this is something that God may be leading you to please contact us. We would love to have visit our community and see first hand all that God is up to. We are currently developing a core team of leaders to launch our first home church and hope that those leaders will eventually start a new gathering in their home. 

Give - We are also looking for people that would support this ministry financially. We have had various supporters since the beginning of Church for the Neighborhood that have helped meet the financial needs that are associated with starting a new church. Would you consider joining them in providing support? 

If you would like to make a contribution to Church for the Neighborhood please click the "GIVE" link at the bottom of this page and follow the prompts in our secure checkout.