Our Story - 

What are we doing?


Church for the Neighborhood's vision is to be a network of house churches, what we call "neighborhood churches," centered around the call of Jesus to make Disciples.

Each neighborhood church will worship, engage the scriptures, pray, serve, eat and party together. 

We envision neighborhood churches scattered around southeastern-Indiana transforming their communities one neighbor at a time through the work of Jesus.  

We are currently centered in Lawrenceburg Indiana and are serving the neighbors in this community. As we start the first neighborhood church we are doing the things we expect future neighborhood churches to do. Every month we host a party, we are engaging in the life of our community, we also hope to begin a regular meeting in our home soon. We are also praying that God would raise up other missionaries to join us in Southeastern-Indiana who would allow their home to be a neighborhood church. 






Who are we?

Photo Credit:  Mallory Summers

Photo Credit:  Mallory Summers

Ryan, Kara, Asa and Ellie Goode are the leaders of this ministry in Lawrenceburg. Their son Asa is three years old and is everything you would expect from a three year old boy and their daughter Ellie is a beautiful growing baby girl! They have been married for 4 years. They share their home with their dog Claxton and a fish.